M&E Contracting

Due to demand from our Loyal Customers, Trias has started to Provide Mechanical & Electrical Installation Services since 1999, so we can further serve our customers with One Stop Service in the Project Needs.

We can provide the following Services:

1. Installation of Genset, Transformers, Electrical Switchgears and Other Electrical Equipments.

2. Cable and Grounding Installations.

3. Plumbing, Water Treatments, Fire systems, etc.

4. Public Announcement and Security Systems.

5. HVAC, Cooling Systems etc.

6. and other related Mechanical Electrical Services.

Some of Prestigious Projects we have undertaken Jobs as M&E Contractors are as follows:


Saumata Condominium Alam Sutera – 2015



Cengkareng Business City – 2014-2015



Swissbell Hotel Cengkareng – 2014


Ciputra World Jakarta – 2012



Toyota Motor Kerawang – 2012


Standard Chartered Bank – Casablanca – 2012

StandChrt1 StandChrt2
StandChrt3 StandChrt4
StandChrt6 StandChrt5


Redwood – Corn Wet Milling Factory – 2010

Gedung Boiler GedungCornOil
redwoodins1 redwdins2
redwdins3 redwdins4
redwdins6 redwdins5
redwdins8 redwdins7
redwdins9 redwdins10

Makassar Tene – Sugar Refinery Factory. – 2009

mk4 mk2
mk5 mk3