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Live Update Electric, Power & Renewable Energy Indonesia 2015

16 – 19 September 2015 – First Day. Please visit us and see the exciting update on our products and services. Protecting Your Investment with Reliable and Trusted Energy Solutions and Services. Event Coverage.   Day 3 – 18th Sept 2015 Day 2 – 17th Sept 2015 Day 1 – 16th Sept 2015  

Stainless Steel Cable Ladder Grade Test?

Stainless Steel Cable Ladder Grade Test? Getting the right Stainless Steel Grade from your manufacturer. ———————————————————————————————————————————– Can you use Magnet to test if the material used is Stainless Steel Grade? Addressing The Myth that Stainless Steel does not have magnetic characteristic unlike normal mild steel. The Truth is SS304 or SS316 may still response to… Read More »

Flame Retardant Pilot Lamps Casing

Why Scrimping on Pilot Lamps Can Cost you More than You ever think of .. Watch this 5 Minutes Video Presentation why Choosing the Right Pilot Lamp can save you Thousands or even the Life of your employee.   Since the Cost of Electrical Accessories is not a major cost component, many Electrical Switchboard Manufacturer or… Read More »