Struts Support System

TIS-Strut Framing Support System.

TIS-Strut Management System has been design with many time saving features. It has been designed to provide optimum reliability for Electrical, Mechanical, and Industrial Supports in Various applications.

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Applications that has used TIS-Strut Management system includes but not limited to the followings:

1. Electrical Lighting Installation.

2. Pipe Supports.

3. Cable Support System.

4. Solar Power Generations.

5. Logistic and Warehousing.


6. Automotive Supports.

7. Instrumentation Supports.

8. Equipment Support System.

9. Raise Floor and Metal Decking.

10. Office Partitions.

11. Gazebo or Walkway.

12. Productions Material Management.

13. Racking System.

Struts Applications - Racking

14. Cable Management System

Struts Applications - Cable Support

And Many More Applications….

TIS-Strut System comes with comprehensive Fittings to meet with the needs of your applications.

Standard Sizes for Our TIS-Strut Channel Raceways are as Follows:

No Size Thickness
1 41 x 41  2.0, 2.5 mm
2 41 x 21  2.0, 2.5 mm
3 81 x 41 2.0, 2.5 mm

Materials for the Channel Raceway can be provided in High Corrosion Resistance Hot Dip Galvanized Steel, Post Hot Dip Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel SS304 or 316.

Struts - Profiles

Our Raceway Channel can be used in Double or Triple Combinations for Heavy Duty Usage and Special Applications such as picture below:

Download our Tis-Strut Channel Catalogue Here.