Electrical Switchgears

Prevent This From Happening in Your Electrical System.


Fire From Electrical Box Damages House

Getting the Right Electrical System for Your Factories, Buildings or Facilities is Critical as the Cost of getting the Right Solutions is much cheaper than the cost of the damage it will have on your facilities.

Electrical Switchgears, Electrical Distribution Boards, Cable Management System made all these critical Component to Ensure the Functionality of your Building and Facilities, however most facilities owners do not really understand the extend of the importance of these components in their facilities and chose to ignore them at a much higher cost that they have to bear in the near future.

Electrical Switchgears.

In an electrical power system, an Electrical Switchgear is the combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. Switchgears are used both to de-energize equipment to allow work to be done and to clear faults downstream. This type of equipment is directly linked to the reliability of the electricity supply. ~ref from Wikipedia~

Electrical Distribution Boards.

A distribution board (or panelboard) is a component of an electricity supply system which divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breakers for each circuit, in a common enclosure. Normally, a main switch, and in recent boards, one or more Residual Current Devices (RCD) or Residual Current Breakers with Overcurrent  Protection (RCBO), will also be incorporated.

Electrical Distribution Boards are also called by the following descriptions that means the same things:

  • breaker panels
  • circuit breaker panel
  • consumer unit or CU
  • electrical panel
  • fuseboard
  • electrical boards
  • fusebox
  • breaker box
  • load centre/center
  • panelboard
  • power breaker
  • service panel
  • DB board (South Africa)
  • ACDB (alternating current distribution board)
  • DCDB (direct current distribution board)

~ref from Wikipedia~

Understanding the difference between Switchgear and Swithboard, and their applications can means a great deal in the design of your electrical systems. To know the basic difference Between Electrical Switchgears and Electrical Boards, here is a good articles that you can read.


TRIAS Electrical Solutions:

1. Medium Voltage Electrical Switchgear. 

– Metal Clad and Metal Enclosed.

– Compliance and Type Tested to IEC 62271-200.

– Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit

– Internal Arc Protection.



2. Low Voltage Electrical Boards.

– Fully Type Tested to IEC 61439

– Compliance to IEC 60439-1 

– Wide Range of Applications: HVAC, MCC, Capacitors, Distribution, Lighting, Metering Panels.

– Specialize Applications: Withdrawable Motor Control Centre, Automatic Generator Synchronizing, Power Factor Correction Panels.