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The Importance of the Right Cable Management System in Your Electrical Works.

How Much Do you think this arrangement of Cable Wiring will Cost your company?

Messy Cable

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Or This One …

Messy Cable Arrangement

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Not Only these arrangement is hazardous and dangerous, these kind of Cable Management System will cost millions to Facilities or Buildings Owners.

How a Bad Cable Management cost Millions to Facilities or Buildings Owners:

1. Improper Cable Management can lead to Electrocution, Fire Hazards or Tripping Hazards.


“Electrocution is the fifth leading cause of occupational injury death in the United States,and a particular hazard to those whose work routinely brings them into close proximity to electrical sources. Studies have shown the highest proportion of electrocution deaths occurred among electricians and electrical helpers,and among utility workers and those employed in the construction and manufacturing industries. Contact with overhead power lines is reportedly by far the most frequent cause of fatal electrocution injury.” (Taken from

Electrocution in workplace PREVENT this from Happening in
Your Facilities or Buildings

Proper Electrical Cable Management System can Reduce Significantly the Risk of People working in your Buildings or Facilities from being exposed to Electrical Hazards.

Fire Hazards.

Cost of Fire Loss

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The Cost of Fire can be devastating and tremendous, especially to the building owners. The Cost of the Fire is not only in the damage to the property but there are other indirect cost to the fire that can amount to huge sums of income to the owner of the properties. Most Project or Building owners did not calculate the indirect cause by loss of business due to Fire.

Winconsin 10 Million Fire


Cost of Fire

The Shocking Truth – Electrical Fire is one of the Major Cause in Building Fires.


 What About In Indonesia?

Well, there are more, and its a pity that in Indonesia, it is a challenge to really understand the extend of the damage to properties due to fire and the measure taken to regulate and minimize these fire hazards.

Do not let these fire hazards Rampant in your properties. Proper Cable Management can reduce these hazards significantly and Save Huge Losses By Preventing it.

Cable Ladder Cable Tray Cable Trunking Raceway Channel

Tripping Hazards.

People tend to overlook the tripping hazards as they think accident involving tripping will not result in serious consequences. Well …. Think Again.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSO) estimates that each year, about 4,000 injuries associated with electric extension cords are treated in hospital emergency rooms. About half the injuries involve fractures, lacerations, contusions, or sprains from people tripping over extension cords.
No Only that, the cost for work compensation and penalties imposed on hazardous workplaces is very expensive to building or workplace owners.
Just the 3 Cost Factor above should motivate owners to do a proper cable management system in their buildings or properties, here are 3 more reason for doing it correctly.

2. Costly Maintenance or Upgrading Work..

Due to improper cable management, expansion or upgrading work will cost much higher as more time and money will be involved in tracing the current installation conditions.

3. Instability of the Electrical and Data Network.

How much money has been lost due to downtime of electrical system and data networks. Electricity and Data Management has become one of the most critical component of any business in the modern world. Improper Cable Management will create unstable electricity and data network.

4. Decreasing the Lifetime of Electrical Equipments.

Due to improper cable management and Electricity instability, equipment may be affected due to the network disturbance.

You can dramatically Improve Your Cable Management by Using Cable Ladder Tray Management System in your Electrical and Data Cable Installations.

Here are some examples of Good Cable Management System that can save owners huge amount of money in the future.

Cable Ladder Tray Management system.

 Cable Ladder Tray Management System

Cable Ladder Tray System in Oil & Gas Industry

Cable Ladder Tray in Oil & Gas

Cable Ladder Cable Tray Cable Trunking Raceway Channel