Seamec     PT SEAMEC ASIA – Customer Since Year 2000


“PT SEAMEC ASIA, has been doing business with PT Trias Indra Saputra for the past 11 years since Year 2000. Trias products and services has been used in many projects some of which Taiho Kogyo, Diegraphics (Pulo Gadung), Alstom, Panasonic  and in Japan Kobe Steel”


    SiemenLogo SIEMEN Indonesia.

“Around 1993, I was in the Estimation Team, and during then, we need Cable Ladder and Tray. At that time we have heard about Trias Cable Ladder and Tray. However at that time it is not so popular and we did not have a chance to use Trias Products as we are using other brands that are popular at that time.

But Recently we have seen Trias Significant Growth and have been using Trias Products that can be compared to other popular brands.”




“I have been always satisfied with Trias’s Services. Trias has always use its brain to fulfill our request. For Example for our Paiton Project, we requested to shorten delivery schedule, at that time Trias managed to arrange air cargo from Jakarta Airport to Surabaya Airport. Finally Trias could deliver the items 3 days earlier than the initial schedule”




“We have known PT Trias Since Eary 2010, we came to know PT Trias from one of our subsidiary company PT Truba Jurong Engineering or known now as PT Truba Jaya Engineering. We also recommended and referenced to Trias from our partners in the Industry in Power Plant Construction Business”


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