Corporate Social Responsibilties.

Thru University Program – 2007


The High Education Cost in Indonesia does not allow people in Indonesia to break from the Poverty Line. A Security Guard or Office Cleaner will never be able to fund their children through the higher educcation. So in this case, A Security Guard or Office Cleaner will most likely have a Security Guard or Office Cleaner Children as well and these vicious cycles goes through generations.

In 2007, as the company has clearer vision on its existence in this country and as well as its role to contribute to the society, and we value the contribution of our permanent employees no matter how small they are, Trias has embark into “Thru University program” to ensure that the next generation of our employees would be able to escape this vicious cycle of poverty.

The Program:

Trias provide fully paid scholarship to all Employee’s First Child from Primary School all the way to Degree Level. Since 2007, Trias has sponsored more than 35 Children with “Thru University Program” and already has more than 4 Graduates (as per Sept 2016).

Compliance Commitment from PT. Trias Indra Saputra: